The partnerships with purpose series: What our partners say

We’re proud to work with such a variety of partners across the country; from funders to local authorities, to landowners, we have great experience in helping bring developments to life through collaboration.

In this article, we hear from some of those partners.

At HBD, we’re fortunate to partner with leading funders and landowners, individuals and businesses who share our values when it comes to collaboration. It’s not about quick wins or the short term, instead, it’s about investing our expertise, passion and knowledge to create places with purpose.

Working with local authorities

Among our many partners are local authorities, some of whom we have known for the long term. A fine example is at Markham Vale, where we are 19 years into our relationship with Derbyshire County Council in creating bespoke, design and build spaces for businesses of all sizes.

The result to date is 3,000 new jobs and the arrival of many successful businesses to the region. Peter Storey is Head of Markham Employment Growth Zone at Derbyshire County Council and says: “We have found HBD to be a trusted and reliable partner and we look forward to continuing our highly productive partnership far into the future.”

His views are echoed by Councillor Adrian Andrew, Deputy Leader of Walsall Council – one of our local authority partners at SPARK in Walsall where we are onsite creating a 21st Century logistics and manufacturing hub, offering global and local occupiers 620,000sq ft of high-specification space.

Contributing to a recent article on our website, Andrew talked of the “shared desire” we have to “secure notable occupiers.” Andrew went on to say that in the time since our appointment we have “established a great working relationship” which is “moving the project in the right direction.”

Big name partners

Another partner at SPARK is Homes England – the UK government body responsible for housing and real estate and an example of one of our national partners.

Speaking of our work together, Homes England’s Raj Sanghera acknowledged the success of SPARK so far saying it has “come from HBD’s desire to forge relationships with local stakeholders – something that is helping us appeal to advocates as we turn SPARK into a reality.”

His views are shared by Barings, a major financial institution supporting us at Momentum in Rainham. Darren Hutchinson of Barings says “Choosing a partner is a critical decision to our business to achieve the optimum outcome for a project.  We require our partners to represent our business in the best light and to align with our own ambitious sustainability principles and work with us to challenge historic norms.  Working alongside HBD, we are delivering a best-in-class logistics scheme at Momentum in London.”

Other partners include those we work with in joint venture to deliver large scale developments. Companies like Barnfield Construction with whom we are creating new logistics hubs in the North West. Barnfield say they’re “big fans of collaboration” and in a recent interview, the company’s head of development and acquisitions Tracy Clavell-Bate said she had “nothing but good things to say about our progressive partnership” with HBD, adding “we look forward to collaborating for the long term with HBD”.

A cornerstone of success

Ultimately, our commitment to collaboration and partnership has been a cornerstone of our success in bringing developments to life. We are truly proud of the diverse network of partners we have had the privilege to work with, including funders, local authorities, and landowners. Their insights and contributions have played an invaluable role in shaping the projects we undertake, and their trust in our ability to deliver on shared goals is a testament to the strength of our relationships.

As we continue to forge new partnerships and embark on exciting ventures, we remain dedicated to the principles of cooperation and mutual benefit that have defined our journey. Together, we look forward to creating a brighter and more sustainable future.

We’d like to thank our many partners for their unwavering support and dedication and look forward to continuing to forge more of those amazing relationships in years to come.