Uniting vision and legacy – that’s the future of our HBD partnerships: Vivienne Clements

Vivienne Clements is our executive director, who for more than two decades has led on many of our private and public partnerships – helping us deliver large scale schemes across the country.

In this new article, which concludes our week-long focus on HBD collaboration, Vivienne looks to the future, and how partners can work responsibly to navigate the changing commercial landscape…

HBD has a long history of strong partnerships, working with organisations across the public and private sectors to deliver places with purpose.

From the longstanding relationship with Derbyshire County Council at Markham Vale – a relationship that spans almost two decades – to more recent collaborations with big names like Barings and The Devonshire Group, we pride ourselves on transparency and working together to realise a shared vision.

At the cornerstone of any successful partnership is shared values and mutual trust. It’s crucial that all collaborating organisations are aligned in their pursuit of a common goal, especially when it involves large-scale projects. In the landscape of 2023, responsible development takes centre stage, and HBD and its partners are united by their commitment to achieving this.

Sustainability stands as a paramount priority in this area, and through collaborative efforts, we can leverage our expertise in achieving Net Zero objectives. Right now, that includes projects like Momentum in Rainham – where our partner Barings recognise the scheme’s “strong environmental and social credentials” which “exemplifies the kind of developments we’re seeking, with joint ventures like this with HBD a keen interest for exploration”. The same is true of Island in Manchester, where we’re collaborating with the Greater Manchester Pension Fund to deliver exemplary Net Zero workspaces that align with our shared vision for a sustainable future. GMPF’s Chair Brenda Warrington says the scheme is “the next generation of office accommodation reflecting new ways of flexible working”.

Overcoming challenges

Net Zero and sustainability – although for the greater good can present a financial challenge, and it’s our job to show partners how long-term thinking can help.

We are also able to help with funding; our HBD resources and access to capital mean we are able to commit our own funds to projects – a financial advantage that gives partners flexibility and certainty in delivery.

By having the financial resources readily available, we not only navigate the development landscape with greater ease but also empowers us to make strategic decisions, respond swiftly to market dynamics, and ultimately deliver successful and sustainable developments that stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the property industry.

Leaving a positive legacy

Ultimately our approach to partnerships is also driven by a consciousness and desire to establish a positive legacy through creating sustainable communities – in every sense of the word.

Our role is one of stewardship, guiding our partners from the outset of a development, ensuring that we collectively engage and listen to existing communities and address their needs from consultation right through to any long-term active management we undertake.

We source and support local great causes, appoint apprentices through our supply chain during the build programme, and invest in new infrastructure and landscaping that all result in a positive legacy.

It’s an approach that will stand us in good stead as we look to a future with so many changes ahead, be that guiding partners on what occupiers actually need in a post-Covid working landscape – through to their Net Zero commitments. We want to use our experience to help partners grasp the changes ahead, ensuring that new places can stand the test of time and that all who live or work in them will be able to do so sustainably.

We love working alongside great people and partners and are proud of our track record. In the words of Peter Storey, our partner at the aforementioned Derbyshire County Council, HBD is “a trusted and reliable partner” calling our relationship “highly productive”. I look forward to replicating that with new partners as we work together to charter the waters of future development.