Endless possibilities on an epic scale.

  • Location:
    North East
    Manufacturing & LogisticsPartnerships
  • Phase:
    In development
  • Partners:

    Sunderland City Council

    South Tyneside Council

Endless possibilities on an epic scale

IAMP was born from a council collaboration and a joint vision to reinvigorate their economies. Sunderland and South Tyneside’s teamwork lead to us as development partner, joining forces on one of our most epic schemes to date.

With Nissan having established one of the most productive facilities in the world in Sunderland, the International Advanced Manufacturing Park, IAMP, was designed to build on the area’s reputation for automotive manufacturing and introduce a hive for new technologies.

Sunderland and South Tyneside turned to us, wanting the benefit of our experience delivering large scale manufacturing sites responsible for huge employment growth. They trusted our ability to handle such an immense project and we understood their vision for IAMP to become not only a significant development for the north east, but for the whole country.

As manufacturing becomes more and more automated, access to a tech-savvy workforce has never been more important. Training facilities are needed to boost staff’s ability to operate and programme the software behind the machines. The CESAM (Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Advanced Manufacturing) was always a key part of the IAMP site. It will mean best practices for the industry can be tried, tested, and then implemented directly from this hub.

IAMP has now been identified as a nationally significant site for manufacturing in the UK. And whilst traditional manufacturing parks have often been utilitarian and a little soulless, the approach at IAMP has been to make this an enriching place to work. The scale, location and its people’s proven track record within the industry give IAMP a unique vantage to bolster the UK’s future of manufacturing across the globe.

  • 7,000

    jobs to be created

  • 61

    hectares of IAMP One

  • 4,000,000

    sq ft of developable floorspace by 2032

  • 1,650,000

    sq ft of bespoke manufacturing space will be delivered by IAMP One

Sunderland SR5 3HY, UK

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