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The transformation of Markham Vale from colliery to contemporary hub has been 20 years in the making. HBD has been long committed to the transformation of this site, creating new spaces for local and national businesses, while also respectfully honouring the community and those who lost their lives in the former colliery’s tragedies of the 20th Century.

Markham Vale is an area with a complex and fascinating history. This former colliery employed thousands of people locally, but sadly throughout the 20th Century it suffered three mining disasters, with mineshafts collapsing and killing more than 100 people. 

The local community suffered further with the cessation of the mining industry in the 1980s, resulting in three surrounding Borough Councils – North East Derbyshire, Bolsover and Chesterfield – coming together to form a vision to rejuvenate the colliery into a new employment zone.  

In the early 2000s, the councils assembled land, and created a new motorway junction to pave the way for a new hub. They then set about appointing a development partner – collaborating with HBD from 2004.    

A space for all  

It’s been almost 20 years since HBD has successfully partnered with the councils to revitalise this area, creating bespoke, design and build spaces for businesses of all sizes.  

In that time spaces have been created for everyone from local business start-ups – including a gin distillery and car body repair shop – through to occupiers of 500,000 sq ft units such as logistics giant Great Bear. Medium sized spaces are occupied by manufacturing companies like Sterigenics – an organisation specialising in the sterilisation of medical equipment. The latter benefitted from the development of a entirely bespoke unit after HBD visited their existing operations in the USA, fully immersing themselves in what this occupier would need to operate flawlessly at Markham Vale.    

With HBD focused on delivery, the councils have installed a team of estate managers who uphold the highest standards here, looking after the landscaping and bringing the community together to promote employment growth – sharing news and career opportunities across the estate.  

A new local economy  

While the closure of collieries negatively impacted this area of Derbyshire, the regeneration of Markham Vale has brought refreshed opportunity, with 2,700 people now working in the new spaces created here.  

Plans are in place for the creation of more space, and for the introduction of further green initiatives – including a deal with Gridserve to create 30 electric vehicle charging points, as well as improved cycle areas. HBD and its partners have also invested in the highly moving ‘Walking Together’ memorial – a sculpture trail of walking figures and a tribute to all miners – especially those who lost their lives last century.  

Through partnership, vision and the creation of sustainable spaces which are truly accessible to all, HBD has helped bring this brownfield site back into use for a new era of workers – creating employment now and for generations to come.   

  • Flexible workspaces

    which can accommodate businesses of varying sizes, with spaces to buy or on flexible lease terms

  • Great location

    with dedicated motorway access and a rest area featuring big name brands such as McDonalds, KFC and Shell

  • 30

    EV charging points

  • Successful regeneration

    of a brownfield site 


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